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    Arita Baaijens speaks about the power of vision and inspiration, about falling and getting up, and making dreams a reality. Her motto: “No problems, no adventure!”

Arita Baaijens

Is your team finding change difficult? Looking for a lively opening for your conference? Invite Arita Baaijens to share her insights with you. In her talks Arita inspires policy-makers, businesses and entrepreneurs alike to leave the beaten path to explore new territory. Using anecdotes from her adventures, she will show you how to turn uncertainty about change into a positive force. The biggest discoveries are made at the edge of the unknown, where everything is possible!

During her engaging author readings, Arita also shares thoughts about her most recent book “Search for Paradise: a Search for Truth and Reality in the Heart of Central Asia”.

Arita Baaijens is a distinguished explorer, biologist, author and inspirational speaker. A member of the Royal Geographical Society, Arita has garnered international recognition and awards. In 2014 she received the Women of Discovery Humanity Award and was named Traveler of the Year 2014 by the Spanish Geographical Society. Her published books include award-winning “Desert Songs” (2008) and “Search for Paradise: a Search for Truth and Reality in the Heart of Central Asia” (2016, Atlas Contact).


Redmond O’Hanlon op bezoek bij woestijnreiziger Arita Baaijens (VPRO-serie O’Hanlons Helden)

Arita Baaijens op TEDXWomen Amsterdam – Iconic landscapes as a source for innovation