Search for Paradise

Search for Paradise, looking for principles and clarity in the heart of Central Asia

  • Non fiction
  • 20 000 copies sold
  • 320 pages
After a personal crisis, Arita Baaijens departs for the Altai Mountains in south- western Siberia, said to be home to the legendary Shambhala, an earthly paradise in a maze of glaciers and ravines. The tireless voyager travels on horseback across snowy mountains and through dark forests which are the haunts of wolves and bears. On the road she meets biologists, shamans, and prophets, but paradise remains elusive, even after years of searching. She becomes intrigued by the locals’ faith in sacred nature and wonders how the landscape and the mind influence one another. How fantasy differs from reality. And if science has a monopoly on truth. An unexpected twist in her quest for paradise not only turns the explorer’s life upside down but also puts it back on track.

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